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December Progress Update

Artix Krieger | Saturday, December 23, 2023

Happy Frostval!

After last week's successful AdventureQuest Worlds: Infinity tech demo #1 & #2, the team has been hard at work fixing bugs and creating new stuff for the next one.

If certainly feels like we are ending the year strong. The AdventureQuest Worlds: Infinity Tech Demo was a hit, our 8-bit game Dungeons & DoomKnights released on the Nintendo Switch, and we have holiday events happening across our games. On New Years eve I will be hosting some live events in AdventureQuest 3D as the clock strikes Midnight around the world.

But we are here to talk about Infinity!

Tech Demo Story Time

AdventureQuest Worlds: Infinity is a re-creation of our anything goes MMORPG. This new version of the game will allow you to log your existing character, with all your items, into our world using your phone, tablet, or computer.

I am honestly not sure how the Tech Demo could have gone better. Players did an amazing job testing and breaking stuff, the team was solving major server issues in real-time, and the encore tech demo ran smoothly without needing a server restart. It was fun. The general consensus from players and the team after the tech demo-- this project is delivering on its promises and going in the right direction.


The Umbra Class

One of the most exciting parts of the test was the experimental Umbra Class. It is a shadowy transforming class that shows off some interesting new combat features of this new version of the game. The shadowy monster looking thing spitting darkness bolts in the animated Gif above is actually a player using one of the classes skills.

The crew has been fixing the bugs that were discovered with the class. So in the next tech demo, it should not get stuck in certain animations any more.

So much to fix and make... so little time!

We came away from the tech demo with a horrifyingly long list of stuff to fix, improve, and add. I stopped taking meeting notes when we switched to daily meetings. We just enter every task into the Trello board now. I am staring at the list of tasks now-- it is sorta overwhelming. Instead of adding them all, I am just going to list the top ones you are likely to care about.

Top issues

  • The default enhancement bug (which prevented some players from logging back into the normal AQWorlds until it was fixed.)
  • Revamped Monster Loot Drops
  • Combat animation issues (Umbra Class)
  • Loading your correct hair / helm
  • Loot bags can spawn out of bounds
  • Font issues for non-English speaking players
  • Inventory - Searching also calls keybinds
  • Chat scroll diffifulties
  • Disabling the buy/sell of AC items
  • WASD keys enabling chat randomly if you hit enter twice
  • Visual glitch - sold items still appear in your inventory making it look like you can repeatedly sell them
  • HUD scale bugs
  • Spam Filter is waaaaaay too strict.
  • Level up / EXP issues
  • New feature: Merge Shops
  • News box on login screen to communicate what is happening
  • Sending a whisper says it out loud on the screen in a speech bubble (OK, this is hilarious)
  • Certain emotes break the character
  • Shop UI - Weapons flipped vertically
  • Jump animation glitch
  • /dev opens an out of date dev console... and those enhancement fields break stuff.
  • Giant NPCs sometimes appear when switching scenes
  • Monsters should face you immediately when you enter a map... they wait a random amount of time and turn.
  • Skills breaking after talking to an NPC
  • DoTs and HoTs nulling out
  • Player & Monster health server desync... the 0HP bug.
  • Dead monsters nulling out when you enter certain areas.
  • Loop for achievement son login is breaking
  • a badge for Tech Demo Testers


Animation & New Stuff

Meanwhile, Reens has been working on a new area for the next tech demo. Nulgath has been animating monsters (see Horks* above) and Ghost has been working on our first "real" cinematic cutscene. As of now it looks like the next major tech demo's goal will be to test the revamped monster loot drops and other fixes. The test after that will likely be Gluttony-- a part of the 7 Dead Dragons Saga that we chose to do because it had a "hardest of everything" to build in it.

* The spellings "Horc" and "Hork" have been seen across our games. I finally found out why. When looking through super old disks, I discovered a BASIC program I had written in high-school which featured creatures called Horks. It turns out a lot of our core world characters... from Drakath to the Shadowscythe (or Darkscythe as I think it was originally called.) were 1st mentioned in my highschool writings and projects. Anyway, maaaany years later.... and my memory is fuzzy, it was either Galanoth or Cysero that heard me say the word when we were talking about plot ideas. Then when they went to create the adventure, they spelled it as Horc. Ultimately, this is not a big deal because Horks do not know how to read gud and would not take offense to however their name is spelled. I do like the hard K of the Hork spelling... it is slightly more menacing, and funny. What do you think?


Planning the Next Tech Demo

Things got a little crazy this week with all of the holiday releases, which is why I am finally getting to write you this post on Saturday. We are really excited to continue the tests. There will be LOTS of them. The ideal time to open the next tech demo would be the 1st week of January. This makes sense because, just like every year, we are down to a skeleton crew for the next week. A lot of our team members are traveling to spend time with their families over the holidays. But I reserve the right to spring a surprise tech demo at any time.

Have a warm, safe, and adventure filled time this holiday season.

Battle on!

P.S. You are invited to join us for the live events I will be hosting on New Year's Eve in AdventureQuest 3D.

P.P.S. Also check out what holiday chaos is happening now in AQWorlds, EpicDuel, DragonFable, and the original AdventureQuest!

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