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Tech Demo #1 & #2 Today! The Play by Play

Artix Krieger | Wednesday, December 13, 2023

Tech Demo

The play-by-play has started! Refresh this page for the latest news as it happens.

  • WHAT: AQWorlds: Infinity Tech Demo #1 & #2
  • WHEN: Complete.... next test to be announced soon.
  • WHO: 15th Upholders of AQWorlds (As promised)
  • HOW: Get it from the AQWorlds Account Manager
  • WHY: To test AQWorlds Infinity and accelerate development.

Join us in the #infinity-techdemo room on Artix Games Discord server.

Play by Play

9:00am EST - Initiating Coffee Protocols

Good morning! As the team comes online for today's Tech Demo, we are making my favorite type of coffee: "A LOT." Be sure to read the expectation setting post if you have not already. Today's test is PC (Windows) only. Later today we will be posting a Windows .ZIP file that eligible testers can download from the AQWorlds account site.

There are still a good number of known bugs. I will start an official "known bugs list" at the bottom of this post. No matter what happens today, the ultimate goal is to keep making this game better until it is ready to release for all players to play. I really like the AQWorlds team. As you can imagine the last few days have been very intense. Watching the devs and testers grow closer, stronger, and rise to each new challenge has been legit inspiring. We even added 3 new temporary Jr. Testers last night.

10:00am EST

  • Ghost online....
  • Reens online....
  • Warlic online....

Horray! Warlic sent me what is likely our final build for today's tech demo release. The zip file is small, but it needs 733MB of hard drive space on your computer when unzipped. I will post the link to the file in the account site when we are ready to go live. Ghost updated some more of the animations, but these newest changes will not go in until the next test. We made some urgent fixes last night to make sure the Umbra class was dropping from the boss monster at the end of the Grotto. But those fixes seem to have broken quest drops. So, if you do the quests at the Dragon's lair, slaying one monster will give you all of the drops needed to finish the quest. Also if ANYONE slays a monster you will get the drops. So if you are going for a speed run... it is a feature! No worries. We will reset quests in between tests.

11:00am EST

Scary time!
I tested the downloadable client and it is working. Zhoom created a new bug board for us to post all of the bugs that everyone testing will be finding together today. Yorumi is on and working on the quest issue.

11:30am EST

The 1st Quest Bug

There is ALWAYS one of THESE type issues before any launch. Always. We are investigating why the 1st quest on the Dragon's Lair quest is not allowing testers to turn it in. This is not a show stopper. If we are unable to fix it in the next 15 minutes, we will simply disable the Dragon's lair quests for this test.

11:45am EST

New Client and Server being rolled out....

Awww yeah! We put a digital bandaid on it that should be alright for today's Tech Demo. 

IMPORTANT: During the 1st test, if you get booted or logged out, be sure to completely restart the game.

12:00am EST

Stealth Launch

A new AQWorlds Infinity test channel has been added to the Artix Games Discord!

12:00:01 am EST

1st bug found

We are doing a server patch to allow 15th upholders to enter the server.

12:17 am EST

Tech Demo Server now online for 15th Upholders

Woohoo! A brief moment of celebration before things get.... interesting. O_O


IMPORTANT: During the 1st test, if you get booted or logged out, be sure to completely restart the game.

  • 12:19 PM  36 Players online
  • 12:21 PM 70 Players online.
  • 12:21 PM First testers obtained the Umbra (test demo) class.
  • 12:25 PM So far so good.... "0 HP but not dying" bug being reported.
  • 12:27 PM Players with HUGE inventories are reporting a lag spike opening their inventory. (Needs optimized)
  • 12:29 PM 104 Players online. Server stable.
  • 12:30 PM Players with very large inventory reporting that it takes a VERY long time to login.
  • 12:31 PM Server crashed.
  • 12:32 PM Server recovered on its own, but we are seeing a queuing problem when lots of players are trying to login. We are going to disable loading bank items and remove logging to speed it up. Yorumi is working on a server hotfix.
  • 12:36 PM Servers offline to apply a hotfix....
  • 12:36 PM Servers back up... holy smokes that was fast Yorumi.
  • 12:36 PM We found the issue causing the previous crash. It will take longer to fix, so we will do that after the test.
  • 12:43 PM 150 players online
  • 12:36 PM We found the issue causing
  • 12:50 PM: 200 players online. Long delays in login reported.
  • 12:50 PM: Discovered Battleon Town's player cap was set to 1. Increasing it to 20.
  • 12:56 PM: To help the login issue... Yorumi is trying some magic on the server. 
  • 12:59 PM: Servers back online. Login times still struggling.
  • 1:05 PM: 204 players online. Although, I have been unable to login for the past 10 minutes due to the login issues... so hope they are having a good time X_X
  • 1:13 PM: 247 players online. But I am just here staring at that nefarious "Whoops" error trying to login. Zhoom and Yorumi are investigating. None of us can log in. 
  • 1:15 PM: A shout out to the streamers who are online trying out the tech demo. Thank you for being here.
  • 1:16 PM: 256 players online (my favorite number)
  • 1:17 PM: Servers restarted.... cross your fingers.
  • 1:19 PM: OMG! I got in. Yay!!!!!


  • 1:21 PM: Back to breaking things...
  • 1:28 PM: Fighting alongside players in the Grotto. While in the server and combat speed are doing great. However, I logged back out and am unable to get in again. So there is definitely something blocking login after the game has been running a while. This is exactly the sort of thing we needed your help for-- thank you. We are going to increase a setting on the socket server and restart to see if it helps.
  • 1:36 PM: Server restarted.... OMG! Working! (260 players on in 5 seconds)
  • 1:36 PM: 334 players online
  • 1:37 PM: 375 players online
  • 1:40 PM: 438 players online. Even with 20 players in Battleon Town, it is running smooth and fast.
  • 1:42 PM: Server crashed. (But auto-recovered)
  • 1:42 PM: 515 players online.... Coffee meter is running low, sneaking over to the kitchen.
  • 1:51 PM: Getting reports that taking Umbra class back to AQW breaks your inventory. Investigating.
  • 1:56 PM: Server crash (567 players, but the count was not the reason)
  • 1:58 PM: We restarted the server. (Ghost says, "The login is like butter now.")
  • 1:59 PM: They discovered the server crash issue... the fix will take a while, so it will happen after this 1st tech demo ends.
  • 2:03 PM: Server issue. This is a new one. Fun! Restarting.
  • 2:03 PM: Ahh.... the thing we added prevented the server from going down.
  • 2:09 PM: Hotfix Server restart
  • 2:24 PM: Things running smooth. I am scared to say that because every time I say that the server abruptly crashes. (It may be reading this.)
  • 2:27 PM: Players are suggesting we made a "Whoops!" badge based on that login screen error... LOL
  • 2:34 PM: Restarted server - Galanoth's shop has been replaced. He had his same shop from AQWorlds which included Adventure Coin items. A player was surprised to find that it actually uses ACs when you buy them. Important to note that these games share items, inventory, gold, adventurecoins, etc. This is good. Because it means if you get drops, earn items, or buy AdventureCoins in one game you will also have them in the other. But this was not something intended for this tech demo. If you were that player, please contact player support so they can undo that for you. I will give Nythera a heads up.
  • 2:42 PM: Bug: When whispering to someone, it shows your message in the chat bubble... LOL
  • 2:52 PM: The Tech Demo will be ending at 3:30pm EST (about 40 minutes from now)
  • 3:10 PM: Server holding steady. 20 minutes left until the Tech Demo ends.
  • 3:22 PM: Kudos to players who ran around and read all the silly text and secrets.
  • 3:30 PM: Tech Demo #1 test complete. Servers are now offline....

Tech Demo #1 Compete

Servers are now offline.

Thank you to everyone who helped test today. Eager to have all players join us when the game is ready to go live. This was an extremely important first step. It went pretty good! What did you think? Are we going the right direction?


Tech Demo #2 Begins at 9pm EST tonight!


Things went so well we are going for an encore when more players are online. If you are a 15th Upholder who missed the first one, come join us tonight. This is an encore of this morning test.

Note: We have not had time to fix any of the reported bugs yet. But we wanted to make sure everyone messaging us about missing it this morning had a chance to participate.


  • 8:45 pm The servers opened early! The Tech Demo has begun
  • 8:50 pm 495 players online! Wow that was fast. Warlic, Ghost, Immortal Joe, and I (Artix) are overseeing tonight's test.
  • 8:58 pm 668 players online. So far so good! *knocks on wood*
  • 9:00 pm 988 players online. Red Dragon was missing from the lair! We just did a game 1st.... we live spawned the Red Dragon in every instance without restarting the server... and IT WORKED!  HECK YES!
  • 9:05 pm Achievement unlocked! Hit 1,000 concurrent players
  • 9:08 pm I got a spam warning for talking too much XD
  • 9:13 pm 1074 players online. No server crashes or restarts... yet. Yet.
  • 9:13 pm I tried spawning a Battlegems style slime in /join Well and terrible, terrible things happened. Sorry!
  • 9:53 pm We have been running around, talking with players and having fun. This has been a really nice night. Cannot wait until every player is with us.
  • 10:15 pm Tech Demo ended... server offline. "Zzzzz.... Zzzzz...."

Tech Demo #2 Compete

Servers are now offline.

  • Warlic: "That was just really chill and fun. Thank you to everyone who came on tonight. Was nice to see the game in action."
  • Ghost: "Hey! thanks to everyone for coming. It was great seeing old faces and meeting some new ones. Had a great time making some memories with you guys. We will be talking about this for years to come."
  • Immortal Joe: "Thanks for participating. I'm the class designer of AQWorlds. If you liked Umbra, wait until you see what else we do with this new combat system."
  • Artix: "I think we should keep going.... there is a lot to do.Until the next Tech Demo-- Battle on!"

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