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Cluck Cluck Moo....

Artix Krieger | Friday, April 1, 2022

Cluck cluck bwak cluck?

Cluck cluck mooooo bwak cluck. Cluck cluck bwak moo cluck cluck? Moo bwak cluck!

Bwak cluck bwak moo cluck cluck bwak!  Moo cluck cluck bwak moo cluck....

Moo bwak moo cluck cluck. Bwak?! Cluck cluck bwak moo cluck. Mooo.... Moooo......

Bwakbwakbwak, cluck bwak moo cluck cluck bwak!  Moo cluck cluck bwak!!!!

Bwakbwak moo!
Bwak & Moo Bwakbawk Cluck


Happy  April Fowls Day!

 It is April 1st. The meat-eor soaring across the sky has egg-sploaded in 5 different games unleashing a ChickenCow Egg-vasion.
See the Official ChickenCow Egg-vasion Post

Also, Artix Entertainment is a Record Label now!?

Yup! Today we launched two new albums. You can search Spotify, Apple Music, or Amazon for "Dungeons & DoomKnights" to find both the 8-Bit and Heavy Metal sound tracks. (Seriously. Go look!)

Dungeons & DoomKnights is 100% Finished

Also today, the retro 8-Bit video game project, Dungeons & DoomKnights, is officially 100%+ complete with its Kickstarter/BackerKit rewards and promises. Talk about going above and beyond and over-delivering. Sure, it took a lot longer than expected, but if this is the level of love and effort that we will also be seeing as this new AdventureQuest Worlds gets to the finish line... then it will be well worth the wait.
Read today's D&DK Kickstarter Update post to see what was just released today.

Meanwhile... in AdventureQuest 2D Worlds Development

Here is this week's progress update!

  • Dialog cutscenes!
    Major improvements to the dialog cutscene editors allowed us to finish our first prototype cutscene. But we are still not counting it as our "1st" yet. Wednesday & Thursday we have been working through bugs and improvements.
  • New Movement Controller
    We started integrating AdventureQuest 3D's movement controller for keyboard and joystick input. you can click and switch to WASD to move around seamlessly.
  • Old school colliders replaced with Physics Coliders
    This is the biggest news of the week. We have officially ditched our homebrew solution for walking into stuff and fully embraced Unity's built in physics system. Blockers (the things that stop you from walking into stuff) are now pin point accurate. We stripped out all of the stuff that was causing problems. This was a major 2D learning moment that will server this (and all future game conversion projects) well. You can also smoothly walk along the edge of a colider without stopping now. I have not gotten to test this personally yet. It is on another branch of the project. So it is very likely I will be raving about this again in the next post after actually experiencing it.
  • Monster & NPC sizing
    We discovered an inconsistency with how our monsters are being stored. When building the original AdventureQuest Worlds, we had a simliar issue with the player and just sorta coded around it. O_O NO. Never again. That bit us in the rear so many times-- including in this project. So we are going to manually fix our few existing monsters to make sure everything is perfect before we start the mass conversion of monsters.
  • Target Issues 50% resolved
    Last week we were having some targeting issues. Specifically when deselecting a target. It is mostly fixed now. The only issue remaining is when you click on the auto attack skill it does not always grab the right target. We know why... and are working on it next.
  • Prepared Strike is now working... and Warrior class has been polished.
    We are requesting that the AQW balance crew help us balance the stats now that all of the base classes are functional.
  • Double Attack Animation
    This issue popped up... AGAIN.... and now we know why. There was a piece of logic that was not looking to see if an animation was already playing. This should be fixed by next Wednesday as well.
  • Monsters not always playing dead correctly
    "Die! Die! Die... hey, why are you not dead?" This is linked to a simliar issue as above
  • APOP Database System
    When you talk to an NPC in game, it pops up a screen. This is now 100% run by the database. We still need to do a little screen clean up / formatting before I post pictures. There are also a number of small bugs we are discovering while messing around with it. I cannot wait for this to be used. The AQW Team is going to freak at how easy it is to update things. Instead of having to pull down the latest Flash file, edit it, rename it, re-upload it, and rename it in the database, then clear the servers.

  • How the heck are we going to store all these monsters!?
    In the existing AQWorlds, we have one file per monster. But in this new game, we will need an folder per monster. And then we will need that folder to publish different folders containing the PC, Mac, Apple iOS, and Android versions of the monster. We are already doing something similar in AdventureQuest 3D. However, that game has no where near the number of monsters that this one does! We are thinking of breaking them up into alphabetical subgroups or by some sort of monster categorization. We are not going to be able to manually convert every monster in time with our current team size. So we will need to create a program that we can give to contractors/contributors that we will hire to help with the MASSIVE conversion process. This program would let them setup, test, and modify monsters to get them working with the game.

Top Big Goals for Next Week

Next week, we want to wrap up the Dragon's Lair prototype and start a brutal round in in-house testing. If we do a good job, next week's post will be a long list of hilarious bugs that we discover through deep testing. In previous posts I warned that we would be here in the Dragon's Lair for a while. Creating a single, complete zone with "one of everything 'working is the most important part of the project. More exciting to actually work on than to hear about for sure XD. So thank you for keeping up on these weekly updates until the more exciting stuff starts happening. As I was wrapping this post up, Tunik, who has been working on our UI and Dialog system hopped into my voice chat. We will be spending the rest of the day working on the dialog cutscenes. Wish us luck and...

Beware... it is April Fowl's Day across our video game network!


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