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Apples & Orange-droids! ...also, weekly progress update.

Artix Krieger | Wednesday, April 26, 2023

What device will you be playing AQWorlds:Infinity on?

The game runs really smooth on my Apple phone! I would have posted you more pictures of it on my phone... but I take my photos with my phone. Which logically makes it hard. O_O So I asked my waifu if I could take a picture using her phone. Those are her hands in the photo. Realized it has been a VERY long time since she was in involved in game making stuff. This long...

Were you there too? Good times. Our video game community made a lot of great memories together. Been thinking about what new crazy things we will be able to do together once Infinity is live. Of course, that got me thinking to just how important it is that we can rapidly update the game. It has to be at least as fast as the existing one. This is one of my largest fears.

Web based gaming really spoiled us. It is so fast. You can make a new weapon so fast! Well, the art takes a while to draw. But once it is done... hit publish, toss it on the web server, make a quick database entry, and presto-- it is in the live game. The existing game is also only on one platform. That is all about to change.

AdventureQuest Worlds: Infinity is designed to run on PC, Mac, Linux, Android phones & tablets, and Apple phones & tablets. So Warlic has been working on the tool that is going to publish weapons, armors, monsters, pets, and everything in the entire game to each platform. It is called the Cloud Builder. You have probably seen it mentioned in most of the previous posts. A little known fact-- Warlic made the Cloud Builder for AdventureQuest 3D too. It is one of the most important tools for this game.

Meanwhile, I had an important meeting about combat & classes with Spider and Eht. We will go into detail about this in future posts. Actually, it might be nice is Spider and Eht wrote a post about it.

Here is your weekly progress update.

2023.04.26."Cloud Builders & Dialogers"

  • Tunik
    • Working on the Dialog Editor
    • Refactoring Code & changing UI
    • Actors and dialogue boxes are controlled vis panels instead of long menus, making the editor easier to navigate
    • Adding color picker for fonts & backgrounds
    • You can just click entities on the screen to bring up the properties panels instead of hunting for them in the hierarchy.
  • Warlic
    • Cloud Builder work continues!
    • New commands in client /noclip and /clip for devs to walk around and add spawns in weird places
    • Attempting to use Virtual Machines so a single machine can do most of the builds instead of needing lots of different computers. Currently we use a lot of laptops. But one beastly desktop running virtual machines would probably replace them. 
    • Virtual Linux machine installed on PC Cloud Builder & installed the SDK's. Unity is running on it. 
    • Need to get Cloud Builder to work with .NET CORE instead of just regular .NET
    • Worried about performance. The machine has 8GB of ram dedicated to it and it is using 2 cores. The processor on that machine is only 4 cores though. (Artix note: We will need to buy a more powerful machine for this)
  • Yorumi
    • Database work - pulled out the LiNQ to SQL
    • Fixed crashing server issue that appeared last week. 
    • Other bug fixes (Inc. Added checks for null data)
    • Converting the client startup functions into prefabs that are easier to clear when players login/logout of the game. (Clean resets)
  • Spider
    • Met with Eht and Artix on combat
    • Ghost is working on the animations for a new demo class to show off the capabilities of the node system. 
    • Jury Duty & Finals
  • This week's focus!
    • Dialog System
    • Quest Flow Review
    • Play testing to make sure the game "feels right"

So, the question...

Or... should I have asked plural? Which devices? Let me know as a reply to this post on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook.

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