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"This is the final Town-Down!"

Artix Krieger | Monday, July 17, 2023

*sings* "This is the Final Town-Down!"

Construction of the final Town of Battleon has started in AdventureQuest Worlds: Infinity.

OK, wait... we update that town every week in the live game. So I definitely worded that wrong. What I should have said is, "Production of the launch-ready version of Town has begun!"

Nope. Wait. J6 just posted a bunch of town files to the repository.

Did he do all of the town art fixes already!?  I need to check. Will know for sure in morning.

Good things come to those who...

It dawned on me this morning that after all of the hard work, time, and tears working on AdventureQuest Worlds: Infinity that...

... that everything is finally reaching the point where real, honest to goodness, production ready stuff is being made!

Except for that joke image above. Those hairs are broken. Spider sent over the fixed ones this weekend.

A Game Manual for... Devs?

Today, after the meeting we made a manual for the armor conversion process. This will help devs convert over the armors. The process is way better than it used to be, but there is still a lot of surprise "OMG WHY DID WHOEVER CREATED THIS DO THAT!?" in the armor files. So a lot of manual intervention will be required.

Game Progress Overview

It has been a while since we took AQWorlds: Infinity to the PAX: East Convention where players, press, and new friends got to try out the game. The played together across computers, tablets, and phones. If we were building a brand new game, we would already be done by now. Creating a process to convert AQWorld's assets from Flash to Unity had proven to be extremely... extremely... complicated. Of course, you already knew that. We spent years learning, one-by-one, all of the ways it could not be done. Despite all of the challenges, we never gave up. Really. Transparently, it sure would have been easier to do ANYTHING else. Now we are building our first production-ready assets.

Things are good... suspiciously "too good". So I am cautiously paranoid and expect something catastrophic to break. Maybe we should do a full backup this week just in case.

As always, here are the copy/pasta of this week's meeting notes.


  • Tunik
    • Quest Screen changes
      • Quest list tabs are hidden when talking to an NPC.
      • Quest list Header now shows the name of the NPC you are talking to “so&so’s Quests”
      • “More details” text in the inventory screen is now white instead of gray so it looks like you should click on it.
      • Decline button added to detail screen.
    • Changed mini menu
      • settings menu icon all the way to the right
      • Added a separator between it and the rest of the mini-menu icons.
    • Cutscenes
      • Discord was messing with the formatting when we were transferring dialog data X_X.
      • Ran into a bug where cutscenes do not end.... Fixed.
      • Opening a cutscene now disabled the default layer to prevent player issues from interrupting the cutscene. 
    • Guild Lists
      • 3rd option shows rank, not members
      • There is a light next to who is online
      • Fixed the buttons on guild menu list items.
  • Warlic
    • Issues with Dialogs getting cached on the server-- temporarily disabled this. 
    • Quests in quest tracker, there is a speech bubble that appears
    • Customizable NPCs working in the Quest Tracker
    • Changed the maps to support prefab designation (multiple maps can now live in a single asset bundle to save size.)
  • Yorumi
    • Getting ready to rig Guild Commands up to the UI
    • Updating Combat Timers to use the system timer for thread safety
    • Auto attack is going in now...
    • Auras (skill special effects) are being problematic. (fixing the reload map in conjunction with the reload map issue)
    • As per Friday's meeting there are a few buttons that are not displaying based on your guild rank. 
  • Spider
    • Researched X-node which is an open source framework for creating the class builder. Creates JSON data which is sent to the server to build the class skills. 
    • Hair updated and re-exported on Saturday which includes size and custom color corrections. 
  • Other
    • J6 is currently converting the town of Battleon to be a hybrid of the new town and some other things we wanted to add. 
    • Want to place all of the REAL NPCs around town (Artix and Reens)
    • Still need to document Spider's Tools this week
    • Need to test Quest Flow (Artix, Warlic and Reens)
    • Captain Rhubarb needs to add the new fields for quest to the admin tools... (turn in type, etc. Drop Down lists would be nice.)


Alina said players (and possibly you?) were asking for a sorta of AQWorlds Infinity "Ask Me Anything" or "Question and Answer" for the next post? Would love to do that!

Until next time.

Battle on!

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