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Tech Demo #3 - Success!

Artix Krieger | Thursday, January 18, 2024

AdventureQuest Worlds: Infinity's 3rd Tech Demo

Happening now! 

This post will be live updated during the testing. Refresh often.

New version posted on the AQWorlds Account Site (In the Infinity section) at 1:30pm. You need the newest version to play.

Having issues logging in? If you attempt to log in with an unconverted class, it randomly fails. So be sure to login with a base class (Warrior, Healer, Rogue, Mage.)

So many monsters! Thank goodness for the Umbras class's directional area of attack skills.


  • 8:00am Initiating Secret Underground Lab Coffee Protocols
  • 8:30am Zhoom, Dage, Jongaar, and Artix are on route to the gym to lift heavy objects...
  • 9:30am Warlic online - Prepping server for release
  • 10:00am Reens online - Making some final adjustments to the test quests.
    • Today's test will include a bunch of different types of tests
    • It will also be possible to grab them ALL at the same time
    • ...if there are issues, we are gonna find them today!
  • 10:15am Quest drop bug! Yorumi, Warlic, & Reens are investigating.
  • 10:30am Zhoom is online - Awwww yeah!
  • 10:40am Artix leaves for dentist... (posted 10 minutes early for... reasons.)
  • 11:15am Artix attempted to make the Tech Demo Live from the dentist chair...
    • It was a really funny idea...
    • So Artix gave the order to release everything from his phone....
    • What would possibly go wrong?
    • The Account Site changes Artix made all broke.... for starters XD
    • The AQW Infinity team all joined in voice chat to fix the issues and get the Tech Demo live
  • 12:40pm 1st major issue! Server Issues reported
    • The new version of the server does not seem to be responding to some requests.... Zhoom, Yorumi, and Warlic are investigating.
  • 12:50pm 456 Players online
  • 1:00pm Server Restart!
    • New version of the server posted.
  • 1:05pm Ruh roh! APOPs are completely broken. We are investigating further....
    • We converted the server to .NET CORE, so these kind of bugs were somewhat expected (hoping not to find any... but better to fix them early.)
    • Artix is back from the Dentist and playing the tech demo from his computer
    • You can type /join farm or /join river to access the new places while we work on fixing the buttons.
  • 1:15pm Starting the "BUG LIST" below on this page.....
  • 1:30pm Server restart incoming soon!
    • New version of the game & server being uploaded....(that was fast Warlic, Zoom, Tunik, and Yorumi!)
    • All players will need to grab the new one in order to log back in.
  • 1:35pm New game version posted on the AQWorlds Account Site (In the Infinity section) at 1:30pm.
    • You need the newest version to log back in after the server restart.
  • 1:45pm New Game version posted O_O
    • I have a Wilson Philips song stuck in my head
    • Warlic has earned lunch... but no one else.
    • Yorumi has a well issue. Because Yorumi has a well. Yorumi is currently fixing the well. So the Infinity server better behave. In the event that Yorumi falls down said well, we expect to be notified by a small dog. We do not currently have any small dogs at the lab. We do have one large dog. Yergen's dog. Which is named Indie. Because... he did in fact.. name the dog Indie.
  • 2:00pm TechDemo 3b is live and holding steady! Going to officially announce it now.
  • 2:10pm Programmer Yorumi's well was fixed. The reason it broke was (OMG, you cannot make this up.) A bug! A bug had somehow crawled in the box and blew a fuse.
  • 2:45pm A player named Uchi wants to make it to level 15 before the servers go down... I think we should keep the server online for a long time today to help.
  • 2:55pm Got a report of a player being bugged when they logged back into normal AQWorlds. This seems to be due to the cape "" -- this issue happens when an item is equipped that does not have an enhancement (Infinity does not require enhancements to equip.) We will need to run a query to fix this.
  • 3:20pm Players are finding a ton of great bugs and issues. The team is investigating and maintaining a huge list to track themn. This is exactly why we are here today. Thank you again to everyone who is bug hunting.
  • 3:20pm Warlic figured out the "Bank Ghost Bug". It was an issue with Color Customization. A fix should be working in the next Tech Demo.
  • 4:45pm Captain Rhubarb ran a Database Query to fix players getting bugged logging into AQWorlds after the tech demo. He will do it again after we end today's test.
  • 5:00pm Tech Demo #3 concluded!
    • Thank you everyone! Today's test was a success.
    • As of now, the bugs being reported are the same ones. So we will be fixing those up for the next text.
    • Even though the test is over, we will be leaving the server up longer in case anyone who has not had a chance to play yet wanted to log in and check it out.

Unlike SOME PEOPLE... MiB got his level legit :D Respect.


  • MiB was able to reach level 15 during the Tech Demo! (Took him 5 hours)
  • We had hardware failure on the AQ2D & AQ3D web server. Captain Rhubarb submitted a ticket and played musical chairs with the website. We are now back up and running.
  • AdventureQuest 3D started testing Housing on their PTR server! (Awww yeah!)
  • 10:10pm Servers Offline.


Meanwhile, at /join River.....



  • The goal of Test #3 is to...
    • Test all the things we fixed since the previous Tech Demo (Thank you to everyone who reported stuff!)
    • Test new monsters
    • Test UI/UX improvements
    • Test Umbra Class Fixes
    • Test 1 of each type of working quest.... (If we can get them working. Reens and I are still up working on it now.)
  • This test is limited to 15th Upholders of AQWorlds
  • As mentioned in the previous post, we will be expanding the ability to join these tests in the next one.
  • Files will be available through the AQWorlds Account Site
  • A live "Play by Play" will take place here on this post with information of what is happening (It worked pretty good last time!)

The Bug List

New major things being reported

  • Need to add support for international letters in chat
  • Quest Issue
    • Dropping wrong number of quest rewards
    • Interactive objects having a bunch of issues.
  • Item loading errors.
  • The HUUUUGE NPC issue.
  • Death Bugs
    • Unable to respawn
    • Not able to walk for a bit after respawning
  • Bugged when returning to AQWorlds (Need to fix the enhancement issue)
  • Server restart / relog issue (Something is not clearing correctly)
  • Having issues logging in?
    • If you attempt to log in with an unconverted class, it randomly fails. So be sure to login with a base class (Warrior, Healer, Rogue, Mage.)
  • Monsters with 0 HP that do not die. O_O Immortal.
  • The weird blocker that sometimes stops people from leaving Battleon Square (Player retention feature?)
  • If you go into the bank and come back quickly... it bugs everyone and makes them all flames.
  • Clear Cache Failing every time issue.
  • Umbra Class Bugs
  • The folks on the Discord server have a massive bug list that we will be working off of.

Pictured: Ghosts! ...the bank ghost bug.

Warlic was able to figure out the above bug. It was being caused by the color customization script. It should be fixed for the next Tech Demo.

Thank you!

Thank you again to everyone who helped with today's test. Bugs! Bugs! Bugs! That what we came from. And that is what was delivered. We are now one giant step closer to our goal of releasing AdventureQuest Worlds: Infinity for all players.

Battle on!



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