The Quest to Fix Quests

Artix Krieger | Friday, May 12, 2023

But first... it is song time!


99 little bugs in the code,

99 little bugs in the code.

Take one down, patch it around...

256 little bugs in the code.

Any game programmer that reads this will nod there head and say, "Yup. That's game development."

Friday the 12th

Oh yes. It is Friday the 12th. The sun shines. Clear skies. Birds chirp and summer leaves sway in the gentle breeze. The lab is empty. Because everyone is working from home today. Probably in their underpants. I am*.  Just got home from the gym with Zhoom. Ran so much at the gym that I ended up running a bit late for the AQWorlds: Infinity meeting with Warlic and Yorumi. We meet using voice chat on Discord. Which is good news for them. They will never know how bad my sweaty gym clothes smell. Even I could not bare it. Hence my current real-life cosmetic equip situation. Warlic and Yorumi are fixing bugs in the quest system. The big code refactor broke some things. We discovered the bugs yesterday when we were getting ready to make some improvements to the way you get and turn in quests. They are actively fixing the bugs as I type this. Since I am not needed until they are done, I am wondering how stealthily I can switch from my computer to my phone.... put discord on mute... and take a quick shower. On come on. Do not try to tell me you have not done a stealth shower or two. We should make a class which you can only equip in the Inn, which can only level up by taking showers and using the restroom without anyone realizing you are gone. This post just became surprisingly relatable. Anyway, we will be working on the quests all day today. One of my goals is to make the quest flow smoother than the original game. Getting a quest should feel natural. Which means it should take as few clicks as possible. All of the complicated stuff should be done silently & discretely behind the scenes without bother you. Like the shower I just took. That is right. I just stealth showered this post**. It is almost the weekend! May all of your quests and stealth showers be glorious.

* Black boxer shorts with little red undead knights on horseback with maces. OK, they might be little red polo players... >_> if you lack imagination.

 ** Turns out Discord does not notify anyone when you switch from computer to phone and back. #TheMoreYouKnow


2023.05.9.(Did the Kessel Run in 90 Processed Data)

  • Tunik
    • Note: Notice he always goes first?
    • Dialogger Refactor 2: Judgment day
    • Turned into a much bigger refactor (blame Artix) -- major changes to how it loads commands and can be used to do "anything". 
    • One major difference is all data needs to be loaded on each page. In the previous system it only did keyframes on things that changed. This was fine for linear cutscenes, but because we need a back button, a new system was made. 
    • Fixed a ton of bugs
      • Entity data not being placed correctly
      • Properties window stopped updating in some situations
      • Data would revert in some situations
      • Spawn commands would be deleted if you put a box on the setup page.
      • Moving pages would not be refreshed properly due to delimiters changing
    • Boxes can be moved around the screen (and off screen)
    • You can spawn the leads
    • You can scale the boxes
    • You can hide the leads
    • You can edit the name plates, subtitles, and body text
    • Changed the delimiters in the commands to less common characters because we now can have multiple text boxes.
  • Warlic
    • Final wrap ups top the content builder! It is at a point where it "should" work properly.
    • Pets were broken (Discovered their scale was being set to 0)
    • Republished all pets and moved them into the characters project. Since way they are technically NPC/Monsters. 
    • Made tweaks to Skin colors to get them closer to AQWorlds. They are still not a 100% match, but they are no longer horrifically orange. 
  • Yorumi
    • Avatar clean up on load! 
    • Refactored code to better clean up characters that were in the middle of loading. The prefab avatars do not get a gameObject until the game loads. So there is nothing to attach to the top of the hierarchy, and no parent to easily clean up. Now they parent it to the entity container and when the prefab loads it parents it to that and then moves it once it is done loading. As a result any load can be properly aborted if you leave the map/cell. 
  • Everyone Else
    • Artix created a giant scary doc of missing features, changes, and improvements. Waiting for Zhoom to review it before chopping it up for the team.
    • Spider has finals
    • Ghost is working on animations
  • Bugs Issues
    • Other players are not sending pet data (only class, weapon, and back item)

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