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PAX: East Prep!

Artix Krieger | Monday, April 24, 2023

We are taking AdventureQuest Worlds: Infinity to PAX: East next week!

Here is your latest progress report.

First up... I posted a video with both AdventureQuest Worlds Infinity and the existing web on YouTube for you.

Alpha Video on Youtube

Since the video was posted, we have replaced the backgrounds with the new higher quality one and added leaf particles and sun rays. It looks absolutely beautiful. With all of these characters on the screen, it still scrolls smoothly at 60 FPS on my iPhone.

Pax Background for AQWorlds Infinity

The background for our PAX: East booth came in! J6's art nailed it. Love the way those monitors glow. This is 10' wide and 8' tall. We also have backdrops for AdventureQuest 3D, and two for Artix Entertainment.

Tablecloth for PAX AQWorlds Infinity

The table cloth came out really good too. If you look on the top, it has a AQWorlds style stone texture which is fun. There is also a squished Twilly in right corner where we would place the hand out cards. So if you come over to our table, lift the card and act shocked and pour on the tears that you discovered Twilly crushed. You are now part of the inside joke.

Well.... as usual, I copy/pasta'd the Meeting notes from this morning.

2023.03.15..OneWeekBefore PAX East

  • Zhoom
    • Approved! - Steam submission for the playtest version. Tester keys should be functional now. 
  • Warlic
    • Re-rigged Skeleton w/ Spider
    • Republished all armor items
    • APOP Camera fixes
    • Separate APOP buttons form NPCs so the NPCs are now clickable. 
    • Fixed target panel (because billboard npcs would not show up in it)
    • Reverted animations to old ones to be compatible with the re-rigged skeleton
    • Fixed player target panel (when your player spawned they had no eyes until they blinked. Fixed)
    • Published assets for all devices
    • New build published for all devices
  • Tunik
    • Implemented Diogon's  new login screen! 
    • Updated UI
      • Options
      • Characters
      • Quests
      • Quest Preview
      • Mobile Chat
      • Speech Bubble
      • Message Windows
    • Added scroll bar to inventory
    • Made inventory tabs persistently selected
    • Cutscenes and APOPs now toggle particles (so they are not covered by them)
    • Disabled Fade ins for APOPs if there are no background
    • Joystick blocker was blocking things all the time- fixed
    • Mobile chat stacking issue fixed
    • Inventory was hiding virtual joystick when open, fixed
    • All windows when close when you hit the close window
    • Buttons in the APOP can emulate chat commands now
    • Moved chat bubble away from player
    • Currently working on the world map for PAX: East
  • Yorumi
    • Initial test of goto position fix
    • Working on spawn bugs
  • Artix
    • Added NPCs
    • Stitched together J6's new higher quality Battleon map
    • Added particle systems and light rays
    • Added APOPs to the first characters
    • Working on rest of BattleOn and then the Dragon's Lair
  • The Urgent List
    • Spawning and moving NPCs places them in the wrong spot
    • /dbright /dbleft are not functioning
    • Slide in NPCs from the LEFT
    • [FIXED] Make the Speach Bubble Prettier
    • [FIXED] New APOP chat command not properly working... required to reset quests for PAX players
    • Replace Class Icon 
    • [FIXED] Item delete not working (not in client or in admin/db)
  • Other Known  Bugs
    • [FIXED] Invenroty highlighting and color issues
    • Logging in during a map reload will cause bad things to happen (like everyone being huge)
    • If you click on an NPC a few times their circle ring becomes the nameplate face X_X
    • /join or join area or Move to Map does not allow a cell name so it is not possible to go to a specific cell
    • [FIXED] Gold not subtracted when I bought an item from my gold
    • Need to be able to select blue flame (NPCs) in order to delete their pads
    • Shop
      • Shops are not updating the client's gold amount
      • Items in shop are showing sell back value, not the price
      • No notification when you buy something in shop

Thank you

Naturally... the faster we move the faster things break. And that is a good thing. We have less than a week to get everything ready.

Battle on!


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