Update 9 and 10: The Double Post

Artix Krieger | Wednesday, May 11, 2022

A Special AQWorlds:Unity Double Post

When Oshyn tweeted asking where the update post was last week, he quickly got a reply that we were handling stuff and would probably do a double-update post the following week. Which is now. So without further adieu, this is a double post for you, Oshyn, and all of our other friends.

Please send your Love

One of our team members in urgent condition at the hospital. We are waiting for update on his condition. I am not sure what the rules are for writing about this sort of thing. And since this person is literally our HR department, I cannot go to him for advice like normal. He has been with us for 15 years, working behind the scenes. He does not have a game name, but has a calm and supportive presence that everyone here in the lab knows and loves. Please send your love and energy.

For whomever needs to hear it

There is a saying. Life is 10% what happens to you, and 90% how you handle it. I think when we go to do great things, that life tests us. Almost as if the universe is saying, "You wanna do that? OK... then prove you are worthy by handling this completely unrelated challenge." Have you ever experienced that? If so, what did you do? When it happens again in the future, what will you do?

To anyone who is facing something like this and could use a simple and powerful answer...

Two words.

Battle on.

Weekly Team Meeting

Today's meeting began with "We are now ready for a full review of the Dragon's Lair." Which means all of the core features should now be working. I set aside time tomorrow to do the run through. Test builds have been being made for Steam and Android. It is really nice joining the team meeting by just opening Steam and clicking update... then play. Like AdventureQuest 3D, the versions of AQWorlds:Unity are near identical except that when you play on mobile, you have a special mobile interface instead. I have not actually gotten to play with the mobile interface yet, so I guess we will find out how it is tomorrow. At a quick glance, there are still a lot of interface improvements that need made. The core of it is there... just needs a little J6 & Darkon polish & shine pass.

Progress Update

  • Movement bugs fixed!
    Changing the code to run on "fixed update" solved all of the remaining collision issues.

  • Database saves with Gold & Experience is now working properly

  • Buy & Sell in Shops
    You can now buy and sell normal gold items and also AdventureCoin items in shops. The buyback policy is in effect.
  • Gold is now displaying properly on all menus
  • Quest Detail now shows the name of the quest
  • Player Panel Bug Fixed
    Monsters.... well, really big monsters could leak into the player's portrait. They are now on seperate layers and will no longer sneak into each other's portraits.
  • Chat Scroll Log fixed
    The bug where chat text did weird things under some situations has now been fixed
  • Min and Max Scale (New Feature)
    Monsters can have their size defined in the database. Also, there is a now a feature that allows a monster to scale to a random size between a min and max value.
  • Healer Bug Fixed
    There was a bug where any time you cast a heal or buff it would set your Strength stat to 0 and your damage would stop. Yorumi fixed it. You can now heal yourself safely again.
  • Added a new setting to show/hide FPS meter
  • Effect icons no longer get stuck to player and monster portraits
  • Special names can now be assigned to monsters
    i.e. If there are a group of Frogzards, we can make one of the spawn pads spawn a Frogzard named "Sparky" and we could also increase his size a little bit.
  • Player no longer targets a monster with their next spell if the monster is dead.
  • Chat moved to the center of the screen at the bottom on mobile
  • Second NPC screen bug fixed
    Sometimes when you talked to an NPC and then talked to thm again they would dissapear.
  • Scaling Feature Added to the Dialogger (the dialog editor)
  • NPCs can now be repositioned manually
    Because the origin of all characters is in the middle of their shadow under their feet.... characters like Twilly would be super short when you talked to them in an APOP. Now we can slide them up a little bit.
  • Actor Scale Bug Fixed
    If you had 3 actors in the dialogger, changed the size of one of them, then removed them. Terrible things would happen.
  • Loot button moved higher
    It was moved so it no longer gets covered by the action buttons in the mobile version of the interface.
  • Start screen refactored due to background images issue
  • Virtual Joystick Scale Bug Fixed
    Switching back and forth between versions of the interface would break things.
  • Click Blocker on Radial Skill Slots Fixed
  • Tooltips Fixed
    Hovering over buttons brings up a tool tips correctly now

New Feature Requests

  • Warp back to NPC
    A feature that would allow you to warp back to a quest giver (Provided getting to the quest giver is not part of the quest.)
  • Space Bar Makes you Jump
  • New Top right Menu Icons
  • /GOTO Player

Top Priorities

Top programming issues include the 0 HP monster bug, some improved security for our admin controls, the charging issue, mob position synchronization, an asset compatibility flag, and a Spell FX pass.

Top design issues include clean up of NPC screens, quest, and other menus. Also, I would like to replace as many of the old icons with new ones wherever possible.

The Dialogger functionally works, but we have not started building the new, friendlier, interface for it yet. Tunik said he will be able to start on that tomorrow. I am pretty excited about this new tool, because it is a stand alone tool that could potentially let anyone (including you) make cutscenes for AdventureQuest Worlds:Unity in the future.

Bonus: Double Post

Promised a double post.... so here we go!

AQWorlds:Unity Account Compatibility Checker

I asked Captain Rhubarb if he could build us a special login page that would check your character's compatibility with AdventureQuest Worlds: Unity. It will show you all of the items your character currently has, and which of those items has already been converted. (Spoiler: Not going to be very many yet. Mass conversion will be happening later.)

The first version of this should just be informational. However, we have talking about adding a voting system so you can vote each day on which item(s) you would like to be prioritized in conversion.


I spoke with Beleen and we discussed her coming to write one of the stories for our upcoming 20th Anniversary Event. We have a call scheduled for this week to follow up.

Thank you

Thank you for reading this lengthy post. Also, this Friday is a Friday the 13th. Which hopefully... for us, brings with it some good luck.  I will keep you updated on everything. 

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