1st AQWorlds Unity/Mobile Steam Build!?

Artix Krieger | Thursday, April 28, 2022

AdventureQuest Worlds: Unity Progress Update #8

First up....

O_O We made our 1st STEAM BUILD!

Watch the YouTube Video of AdventureQuest Worlds Steam Test Here


While it is not public/live yet, this sure felt good. We are working on art for the steam page now. You will be able to wish list the game when it goes live. Future PC/Mac testing will also take place there.

Wait, I thought this was a mobile game?

It is! Or perhaps we should say, "It is also a mobile game." AdventureQuest Worlds Unity will be our second "Omni Game". That is... a game that has the ability to run on (almost) any device.

You may remember waaaaay back in 2013-ish when I announced "Project Omni". The goal was to develop games that could run on all devices. Our first project turned into BattleGems, which won a "best new game award' on the Apple App store when released. That game ran on Apple, Android, and until the Unity Plugin was dropped it was also available on the Web. The next Omni Game was AdventureQuest 3D which runs on Steam (PC/Mac), Apple & Android Phones & Tablets. No matter which device you play on, everyone logs in and plays together on the same servers. This new version of AdventureQuest Worlds that we are building together is the culmination of everything we have learned so far.

You will be able to log in using your existing AQWorlds account on any device. When you open your inventory, you will see all of your items. (If an item has  not been converted yet, you will be able to wield a placeholder XD ) While the game engine is new, and the world maps will be different, and many things will be different than the web based game... you will be able to play AdventureQuest Worlds from your phone, tablet, or computer with  your friends-- no matter what device they are on.

Now... on to the main event!

Your Weekly Progress Update #8

  • Published 1st test version to Steam!
  • 144hz and higher monitor bug
    Some code had been tied to frame rate which led to unexpected collision problems. Players were skipping around oddly or lodging themselves in colliders. We moved the code :D
  • FIXED! Players not appearing on screen
    This was a weird one. Some countries use commas instead of periods as their decimal character. This localization difference was causing numbers not to be sent right in some cases. So 100.50 would become 100,50 and then be read by the client as 10050 flinging the character way off screen.
  • FIXED! Character ID vs User ID bug
    Haha, we had this bug in early versions of AdventureQuest Worlds too. Some code had assumed that a player's Character ID and User ID would be the same. And it is true for a lot of the early staff accounts. But as players create and delete characters the numbers shift. We need to use both Character ID and User ID for different things... and it is easy to accidentally use the wrong one. Which in this case, resulted in the wrong people... or characters that did not even exist, being sent things from the server.
  • FIXED! Scaling issue with NPCs & APOPS
    All monsters and npcs are now normalized to a 1:1 size. However, there is no size override in APOPs or Cutscenes... so we need to add that next.
  • FIXED! "Hey I was talking to you!"
    You could move with WASD when an NPC's APOP was open
  • DONE! Joystick implimentation round 1
    We stole AQ3D's joystick code. We are moving the chat on the mobile interface so there is more space for your thumb.
  • Mobile UI HUD
    Tunik broke down the hud into pieces that we can re-arrange on on the screen depending what type of device you are using.
  • Dialoger Improvements
    We can now delete actors. Also, ight click menus will not go off the screen any more making the content creator wildly guess what button they were about to click on.
  • Server Issues
    We encountered new bugs where switching maps or rooms can corrupt your hp and other data. Yorumi already applied a fix and it is in texting now. There are other sync issues that are currently being investigated. The most important of these are combat related skill issues. fixing combat sync issues is still our #1 priority.
  • Known Bugs
    The chat bug is still there, enemies are not showing their names, and some animation weirdness needs to be fixed. Also, we need to add slightly better error reporting to make it easier to trouble shoot items.

Top Priorities

Our top goal is still finishing one of every system in the game to complete the Dragon's Lair.

  1. Combat & Server Sync Issues
  2. Dialog Custene maker (The Dialoger) & APOPs
  3. Fixing the animation and collider bugs.

Also... I really want to get the Steam page up. Which means we need to make cover art for the game. Good game/movie art typically has one character as a focal point. After thinking about our cast of characters... I think Gravelyn is the best choice. She is central to the story and is probably one of the most well known and liked original characters from AdventureQuest Worlds. Do you have any other characters you would like to see or any other ideas for cover art? Would love your input.


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