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AQW:Unity on Steam & Steamdeck!?

Artix Krieger | Friday, July 15, 2022

Add AdventureQuest Worlds: Unity to your Steam wish list

The AQWorlds:Unity store page just went live on Steam! You can now add it to your wish list. Also, we got to try the game out on Steam Deck. OMG.... O_O this is an exciting post to write!

Steam AQWorlds

Steam Page For AdventureQuest Worlds: Unity

Awwwww yeah! The page was just approved and went live this morning. If you have been following the posts here, then you are already an insider and know more than most people. The store page gives a pretty simply overview of the project hitting on the key points of...

  • Being able to login with your existing account
  • Having all of your items (that have been converted)
  • ...and that we need to convert 10,000+ items.
  • Not to mention keep up with the weekly releases


AQWorlds on Steam Deck

Steam Deck

So... we got a steam deck! (Strictly for um, game dev reasons.) The first thing I did was try out AdventureQuest 3D on it. It works. But we definitely need to add native controller support and a bunch of other things for menu navigation.

During our Wednesday AQW team meeting, we tried the latest dev version of AdventureQuest Worlds:Unity on it. We got stuck at the login screen-- because we could not click on the text boxes. Warlic figured out a quick workaround. The game runs smooth and we were suprised how the SteamDeck knew to map the keys to the control stick. However, We clearly need to make a lot of the same type of changes as the 3D game to make it a good experience. If we can get it smoothly working on the Steam Deck, then the Nintendo Switch is not very different. Before we are allowed to go work on that, we need to finish the core game first! XD

SteamDeck Testing

Thoughts about Testing on Steam

In the future (when it is Ready-O'Clock), we will be testing the PC/Mac/Linux version of AQWorlds:Unity on Steam. Steam has a new feature called "Play Test". It allows us to make a second version of the game that we could use for alpha & beta testing. Not sure why we are not already using this for AdventureQuest 3D's public test realm. (I have never been a fan of switching versions from that drop down in the settings) Steam makes it pretty easy to generate keys for the Play Test version. I wonder if we could make tools for the games that could be accessed this way too.... like item checkers (to test weapons, armors, and monsters). We are still planning on doing the Kickstarter. Anyone who backs the project will naturally be given early access. I was really proud that way back when we did AdventureQuest 3D's Kickstarter that we surprised backers by inviting them to play an early access version of the game just weeks after the Kickstarter successfully finished. Back then, we only had testing on Steam. It was not until much later that the Apple & Android versions released. This time the devices will have to release much closer together. Android devices will give us a lot of flexibility for testing too. Apple has always been the trickiest to do mass testing on. Maybe they have added stuff I am not aware of now. Only one way to find out. I learned so much setting up the Steam Store page for AQW:Unity. Wish there was more time to really dive into each platform. So much to do, so little time. But to wrap this paragraph up, we will 100% definitely be doing testing on Steam.



3 Weeks of Dev Notes

Time for some catch up! Below you will find the dev notes from the past few weeks. Warlic took meeting notes on the weeks I was not here. Again, these are the actual dev notes... copy/pasta'd from our meeting. Only sensitive things like commands and dev passwords are stripped out. Note: Our newest dev notes are always posted at the top. So the oldest news will be at the bottom.


2022.07.13. Artix is Back from Miami

Launched AQWorlds: Unity on the Steam Deck for the first time

  • Text boxes did not work XD
  • Handed it to Warlic and asked "Wanna make this work?"
  • A few moments later he handed it back and said "Here you go..."
  • It works!
  • We need to add joystick support and a bunch of other things.


  • Cutscene playback issue fixes
    • Loading Queue (Network Data Issue) fixed
    • Timing bug (Commands did not work on Frame 1 of the Cutscenes right after load. This was because it was loaded but not initialized.) fixed. But the fix is a little hacky, so going to redo it to watch for all of the actors being initialized.
    • Loot button
      • Now pops up under the Apop button
      • Need to fix the Z-order of the particles
  • Missing X button from User Interfaces
    • Diogon merged his new interface in. But some of the asset bundles overwrote Tunik's.
  • Meeting up with Diogon to implement new UI


  • Customizable Monsters & NPCs working
    • They now have inventories
    • They will equip the things they have in their inventory (like AQ3D)
    • Loading Flame working when you load one of these characters until they are fully loaded. Little bit of work left here
  • Refactor of "Entity"
    • Doing this in small steps so that both players and mobs can share their inner-workings
    • A lot of stuff in monsters assumes you are loading from a prefab now, but by the end of the week we should be able to fully load monsters and be able to customize their hair/skin/etc like players.


  • Working on Bank
    • Back end is working, just need the UI for it.
  • Created a combat doc with Eht & Spider which outlines exp curve, combat skills, progression, and how the players interact with the game (gear drops and enhancing their items... acquiring stats.)


  • Submitted Steam Store Page... 2-3 days for approval then players will be able to wish list.
  • We will also be able release a play test version and bring in testers.
  • Need to test all tools for story telling /w Reens
    • Test lair
  • Make a new dev Discord server for AQW:Unity

Known Bugs

  • After attacking monster died, it was still targeted, but player character also started auto-attacking the next monster
  • While in combat, after switching screens, and player character animation became stuck on a single frame with legs together
  • Artifacts still floating above Zardman's head
  • Prepared Strike is not firing again-- was fixed before. (Something seems to have reverted)
  • Run animation seems slightly off...
  • Class EXP show as an scientific notation (Yorumi will fix)
  • Need additional Dev Commands




  • Added Asset Completion flag to db
  • Maps show loader until after cinematic when a dialog/cutscene is auto triggered. 
  • APOPs load from clicking on the actual NPC (or button)
  • NPC button shows different states depending on quest status (!), (?), (chat bubble)
  • Popup quest UI automatically in APOP if a quest is available to turn in.
  • Walk disabled after viewing area cutscene 
  • Mob plays an Intro animation on Respawn


  • Added animation commands to the dialogue system
  • Fixed a bug: Onscreen dialogue box controls spawn canvas elements below the rendering window.
  • Fixed the test cutscene.


  • Fixed bug with displayed player equipment messing up other item loads like shops.
  • Working on avatar loading problem.




  • Fixed bug where the chat cursor disappears if the previously typed character was a space and not a letter.
  • Fixed bug where if the player clicks a tab in the shop, clicks sell, and then clicks buy, only 1 item appears in the shop.
  • Fixed bug where the cutscene system breaks if you try to open the test cutscene from the map screen. Also, there was no way to call a cutscene ID in the data structures for the map system, so it the functionality was added.


  • Fixed the invisible character bug.
  • Cleaned up enhancements more.
  • Started work on bank


  • Saving and loading tracked quests.
  • Complete Objective command will use currently tracked quest if you don't specify id.
  • NPC opens APOP when clicked if it has an APOP.
  • NPC button states: ! For quest available, ? For quest ready to turn in and chat bubble for apop only ( no quest avail).
  • Loader shows until cutscene loads when entering map with auto quest cutscene trigger.

2022.06.22. Enhancementgheddon!

Shop Refactor

  • Click a tab to sell bug fixed.
  • But still dealing with some item listing issues resulting from item filters

Dialog Editor

  • Z-Order controls have been fixed and now line up correctly with the actors
  • Fixed bug where subtitles were misaligned has been fixed under some situations
  • Fixed bug where hen an actor was on screen their box colliders would overlap the buttons making it impossible to press them.
  • Dialog cutscenes are officially loading from the database... but we have not built one using the new data structure soon.

Quest UI (and other UI)

  • Diogon is working on the art and will be implementing the new UI
  • Tunik will be doing he code for it

Enhancement System

  • Broke the game and made everyone invisible at the start of our testing this morning XD
  • But Enhancements are working.
  • All items are current getting default enhancements at max level with a little bit of smart code that uses the best stats for your class
  • Yorumi needs an interface for enhancements and wants to know if we want to attach enhancements to items so you do not have to keep changing them.

Major part of the meeting was talking about Enhancement Implementation

  • Spider is going to condense the balance crew's thoughts in a easy to read doc.
  • A lot of focus on the Power Progression
  • Time to bring the balance crew into the meetings.... Here we go!

Warlic Stuff

  • You can no longer move around when dead! (unless... you are undead?)
  • Quest code clean up... you can reset quests without needing to restart the game (Thank you x 9999!)
  • Abandon quest added
  • Saga ID is on the maps, so you can abandon a saga/story and then be able to easily re-get it when you return to any area in the saga/story.


Whew! You made it to the end...


With that, be sure to wishlist AdventureQuest Worlds: Unity on Steam. See you in next week's post! (Which hopefully will have some new pretty UI pics to go along with it.)

P.S. The Dungeons & DoomKnights ROM was just released on sale at (w/ in-game rewards)


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