This is the May

Artix Krieger | Thursday, May 4, 2023

"May the 4th be with  you... always."

A long time ago...

In a Secret Underground Lab far, far,  war...

A unstoppable deadline approaches.

To combat this new threat, Rebel forces ready their best hope...

AdventureQuest Worlds: Infinity

It is a time of much crunch for the rebellion.

As Master Yoglin the coding master Moglin would say...

"Do Loop, or Do While !=true, there is no Try(Catch)"

That was a programming joke.

Not a very good one if we are all being honest.

But the effort is there.

It really is the  little things that matter.

Especially if you are a Rebel without a CLU.

That was not a typo.

It was an obscure Tron reference.

CLU stands for Codified Likeness Utility.

Most people now would just call it a Game Character

Which is exactly what we are working on in...

AdventureQuest Worlds: Infinity PART IV: A New Code

Live Long and Prosper.

There is more than one way to color the skin of cat

AQWorlds: Infinity is not available to play... yet. But when you do inevitably long in, you will do so using your existing character. The goal is for everything to load and look as close to the original version of the game as possible. Which has not been as easy as anyone expected. Today's challenge is your character's skin. This story reaches all the way back to the DragonFable. When we started building color customization into that game, we noticed the shadows looked muddy if we simply darkened them. Oh, I should have started by noting that your face's character is not a single color. It is three colors. It has a base color, a darker color for shadows, and a lighter color for highlights. This gives it that anime look. But to make the colors feel more natural and anime-life-like, we added a little peachy-fleshy-red using a blend mode. It worked great for DragonFable and AQWorlds. In fact, I would argue it gives the characters a little bit of a signature look that most people would not realize... unless it was gone. The way we apply colors and blend modes is very different in Unity. We got it soooooooooo close... for some skin tones. but it completely messed up others. We are relentlessly trying different approaches until we make it work flawlessly. So when you do finally log in to AQWorlds:Infinity and see your character for the first time-- and notice that your skin looks pretty darn close to exact... you will know we went that extra mile for you.


Oh yeah, here are your freshly copy/pasta'd weekly meeting notes!

2023.05.4.(This is the May)

  • Current Status
    • Finishing up fixes and getting ready for next milestone
    • Artix is preparing a full feature doc for review with the team next week
  • Warlic
    • Wrapped up content builder - now usable, but not live on cloud builder machines yet (because we do not want to endanger AQ3D. Currently running it on my laptop)
    • Game Client now pulling proper versioned assets for armors, classes, and NPCs. However, NPCs are not live yet. 
    • Need 3 or 4 more hard drives and a separate tower (maybe) so each project can live in its own hard drive not impacting the others. 
    • Skin Color needs more tweaking - the last round of changes made the darker skin colors too orange. 
    • Clicking to walk or using the arrow keys currently waits until the server responded to make you move. This is most visible on WASD. Going to remove this on the client so players see their characters walk immediately. 
    • Quest trackers appear to be broken. Investigating. 
  • Tunik
    • Major Dialogue System changes
    • Refactored code
    • Every entity on the current frame is keyframed to make workflow in the editor easier.
    • Clicking on a text box will open the properties window and populate the data on the page. Making it so you can edit the box. 
  • Yorumi
    • When you logout or get kicked, it destroys the game prefab and then re-initializes it properly clearing everything.
    • Loading flames do not load into the prefab structure. Handling this next. 
    • So far so good. Needs more testing. 
    • If a player has not fully loaded or fails loading and is a blue flame, they get stuck permanently even as you move between screens. 
    • A command to destroy everything needs to be issued when switching frames. 
    • Login Cleanup now complete!
    • Blue Flame clean up
  • Features & Bugs
    • /join when on the same map should take you to the initial spawn point of that map
    • When typing in chat, if you put in move commands like W, A, S, D after you hit enter, it will move your characters. (Very comical)
    • /spawn commands suddenly stopped working. Investigating why.


Battle  on!

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