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16 Thousand AQWorlds Armors Converted!

Artix Krieger | Thursday, May 9, 2024


They did it! They actually did it! Congratulations to Warlic, Spider, and Zhoom on the major achievement and breakthrough of converting 16,600 AQWorlds armors into a format that AdventureQuest Worlds: Infinity can load.

Granted, this was a very basic conversion.

Which means these converted armors have...

  • No Animation (This must be done manually)
  • No Armor Color Customization (...yet. But skin color customization on them does work.)
  • No Special Functionality

Also... not every armor converted great. There are a lot of weirdisms* in some of armors.

* For every broken armor you see in the game, know that Warlic's sanity has been broken by an equal amount.

BUT.... it does mean that you will be able to at least see & equip these converted versions of your armors in the next Tech Demo.

This is a huge leap forward for the project.

In fact, this is what we have been waiting for to move forward.

Behind the scenes

As we previously talked about, the armors in AQWorlds are wildly inconsistent. Especially when it comes to the heads. Nothing shows this off better than what we saw after the first conversion attempt...

"Nice.... Ship It!"


They had to convert the armors 3 times so far.

Improvements to the converter were made between each attempt.

It takes about a day to convert all of the armors. Then it takes hours to upload them all to the server.

Eye, Eye Captain!

The heads became such an issue that Warlic asked if we could just inject a custom head into the characters. There has been a lot of talk about this. We have not done it yet. Just talking about it right now. But feel free to hop in and be part of this conversation. It has a lot of pros and cons..


  • Head would have full facial expressions like DragonFable & AdventureQuest 3D
  • Your character would use the facial expressions in cutscenes
  • You would be able to set a default expression for your character's idle
  • You would be able to choose eye shape, lip shape, and facial markings


  • This would break all of the armors with built in heads
    • Although... we could make those built in heads into equippable heads you could put on like a helmet.
  • It would split your character up in a way which would significantly increase draw calls (Hurts frame rate)
  • Will increase the complexity of the game and we would need to rewrite a lot of systems & re-animate the base character to make it work putting us further behind schedule.

It is something we can do later. Anyway, worth talking about.

Getting from where we are... to the animated GIF above

These basic conversions are great. But when you compare them to the unparalleled beauty of the original AdventureQuest Worlds... how can they stand a chance? Look at that infinitely scalable smooth vector art lines and wicked animation. We can convert that armor, but to add those subtle animations on the sword, an artist will need to recreate those by hand. Same with those floating pink orbs which make up the item equipped on her back. We will have some big decisions to make as we move forward-- and I would like you to be a part of them. We will need to decide which items are a priority to get artist treatment and which ones are not. It is really important to us that we bring all of your items into AQWorlds Infinity. As of this post, we are a whoooooole lot closer to that goal!

While writing this, I am sitting in voice chat with Warlic, Zhoom, and Yorumi. They are working on a bunch of new game breaking bugs related to the armors. Right now, if you switch armor in front of other players the whole game kersploads. *BOOOOOM!* Sorta normal bug stuff after changes of this size. Once they get it stabilized we will run another tech demo featuring the converted armors and the updated Dragon's Lair with loot drops.


Legit excited.

Battle on!

P.S. Circle, send a message to group chat "Yooooo! Hyped for this progress. Wanna see this running on my Android next. Letssss goooooo #GamerFam #WeGotThis" Send...



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