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Send more coffee! ...and weights?

Artix Krieger | Thursday, June 29, 2023

Special Triple Progress Update

AdventureQuest Worlds: Infinity is the mobile/Steam remake of the MMO

Greetings and salutations!

Someone once accused me of using our game's design notes as my own personal blog. Ouch!

Sure, maybe I get carried away every once in a while. But we do our best to keep things professional and ultimately game focused around here...

Super serious...




So I had a colonoscopy last week. The procedure was a real pain in the rear.
The team sent me pictures of AQWorld's brown slime monsters from our games all day... among other comically relevant art >_>
The anesthesia they knocked me out sure worked. My wife said that when they were waking me up from it... I was trying to punch the air and recite computer numbers (you know, powers of two).
The doc said to not work or make any important decisions that day. So of course I was trying to redesign the database and admin tools with Captain Rhubarb an hour later. 
The anesthesia made me so tired! Like some sort of slowing debuff, I just could not seem to shake it. So the next morning I ran 5.2 miles. Because... maybe you can sweat it out of your body? Zhoom ran the full 6.2 miles in exact same time frame. He is so much faster than me. Apparently his name holds up!
Zhoom is our head game programmer. He was one of the earliest members of the team. Together we built DragonFable, MechQuest, AQWorlds, BattleGems, AdventureQuest 3D and a ton of other projects. His role at Artix Entertainment is to help, mentor, and oversee game programmers who are working on the games -- like AQWorlds & AQ3D.
Zhoom and I go to the gym 5 days a week to run and lift heavy objects. Dage joined us this week as well!  As you probably imagined, we also talk about the games and stuff too. These days it is mostly AQWorlds Infinity.
We have a timeline of when we want to have the core features complete and when we want to do the Kickstarter, Alpha, Beta, and Live releases of the game. Between you and I... it is scary stuff. We created the original AdventureQuest Worlds in 8 months from scratch. When it released it was pretty bare bones. But that would not fly today. Players (like you) expect that when they log onto this new version of the game, you will have your stuff, the features you regularly use will be working, and that there will already be lots of things to do. So not only do we need to finish building all of the systems you have seen us working on, but we need to go into hyper-drive creating and converting tons of areas, monsters, stories, and epic loot. You will probably agree that it would be a wise move would be to wait a little bit... to make sure we are on schedule.... before announcing the official dates. But it is this year. Do or die. 

Monday meetings?

We changed our AQW Infinity meeting days to Monday! Actually, I changed ALL of my meetings to Mondays... this way the other 4 days of the week are pure production days. I really like this change. Like eating all of my vegetables first and then the rest of the week is the delicious, tasty, main course of pure game development.

More... Coffee!!!

When you read the progress updates below, you will see exactly what we have been working on. This includes Spider's amazing new tools, Tunik's massive progress on cutscenes and UI, and Yorumi getting friends and guilds working. There are a few things so new that they are not in the list. These things all involve horrifyingly game-breaking big changes to our questing system. But it is all good news for you.

Quest System

Correct me if I am wrong, but way back in the Living Dungeon adventure that I wrote, we stuck a head in the corner of the screen for the first time. You could just click on the head to get your quests. Which was great because it was a long dungeon and you were supposed to keep moving forward. This way you did not need to run all the way back to the quest giver to turn in or get your next quest. Many new maps in the existing version of the game have been using this. But the heads can be really inconsistent. For example: Some open apops and some open quests. Also, if you have a quest, it is sometimes hard to tell where you got the quest or where you are supposed to go to complete it. We spent a lot of time thinking about to improve this.
Quests in AdventureQuest Worlds Infinity will soon show you the head of the NPC who gave you the quest. If you are not in the right place to do that quest, the quest will feature a helpful button to teleport you to that quest giver. Each individual quest will have the ability to do this -- which adds some data entry work, but will be super helpful if you open your quest log and have no idea what the quest you are staring at is.
There will now be three major quest turn in types...
  1. Turn in at a specific NPC - Requires you to walk to a certain NPC
  2. Turn in anywhere - Can be turned in at any time by clicking on the quest tracker in the upper right of your screen, or by walking to NPC
  3. Auto Turn in - Will automatically turn itself in and give you the next quest (useful for exploration quests, wars, interactive objects)

Quests will also have icons to show you what type of quest they are. For example:

  • Main Story Quests
  • Side Quests
  • Daily Quest
  • Repeatable Quest

One of the biggest improvements will be how you talk to NPCs. If you have a quest to go talk to Dage, then clicking on Dage will instantly play the dialog/cutscene and then the quest will complete at the end. If you get disconnected or the cutscene breaks... no problem. The next time you join the game and talk to the NPC it will play it again so you do not miss anything. So, the quest will only complete after you have completed the cutscene or intentionally clicked the "skip cutscene" button. This new flow solves a major issue where a bug causes you to miss an important cutscene. Have you ever had that happen? I am a fan of always having "replay cutscene" buttons somewhere. Our new system makes it super easy to do this for every quest too.

One of my favorite things to see if when YouTuber's make videos about these posts on their channels. Sometimes they read the whole post and comment on it like Korey does. If you are reading this, Hi Korey! (Check out the interview Beleen did with Korey here...) Also, apologies for making you say colonoscopy on your video. Twice. Now you are probably going to get medical ads at the start of your video. "Brought to you by Dr. Voltabolt!"

With that... here is your TRIPLE meeting notes copy/pasta!


2023.06.12.(NEW! Monday Full Team Sync Meeting)

  • Review Critical Systems
    • June Goals
      • Questing working
      • Convert some Monsters and Pets
      • Bring in Staff Testers
    • Wiki
      • OneNote?
      • Artix Wiki
    • Quest Flow
    • Combat
    • Animation
      • Spider Tool
        • Already converted a monster
      • Ghost Schedule
    • Map Conversion
      • J6 converted over Noobshire
      • Process
        • Go in to the map
        • Split each cell into foreground, background, and far-ground
        • Add buffers
        • Export into PNGs, and import into Unity
        • Blockers & Pads
    • Cutscenes
      • Ghost makes an animated game object that we drop into a cutscene container that gets loaded form the dialog system.
      • Test cutscene template in Characters Project - just animate in there. As long as it is the same, it is locked to 16:9
      • If you want to play a cutscene from a button -- we can currently do it manually. 
        • In the database they are stored as asset bundles.
        • Need a Cinematic Table -- with a reference to the bundle (and requirements) 
    • UI
      • Guilds - Yorumi just implemented calls to get the guild data, but game does not know what to do with it yet. 
      • Party - in place, but has no UI
    • Logins/Signup/Admin (Not necessarily for this meeting)
      • Facebook Login - Waiting until we are closer to release to implement 3rd party logins. 
      • Apple Login
      • Guest accounts - We should do these. 
      • Multiple Characters?
      • Signup
        • Captcha security for new account creation
    • Item Conversion
      • Working!
        • Still a little bit of process... drag a swf into a tool which generates masks. There is another tool to tweek mask. The import into Unity. Armor
          • Spider's AQ2D Armor Conversion Tool - Flash/SWF
          • Spider's AQ2D Masker - Flash/SWF
          • Spider's AQ2D Finalizer - Flash/SWF
          • Spider's AQ2D Helm/Hair Tool - Flash/SWF
        • About 10 minutes per normal armor (5 mins per gender)
        • Exports a single PNG (no animation)
        • Armors support CC
        • We need to document the process of this tool
        • Create a really organized Google Drive for the team with resistricted access
      • Armor - Supports CC
      • Weapon - Does not support CC
      • Hair/Helm - act the same. They are item slots with masks and sprites defined. Hair can be CC.  Ears baked into it, and the ears are CC. 
        • Front Hair
        • Back hair
        • Helms are same as hair, but can contain all of the head as well (including eyes) so when you load a helm it will replace the hair if it is loaded on top of it. 
        • # of hairs in game - 184 (total male + female)
        • # of helms in game - 16,500
        • 5 minutes to convert a hair
        • Need to flag "COMPLETE" items in the database so they are never overridden by a batch update - the complete flag is in the database already
      • Versioning - working
    • Dev Tools
      • Panel - Top Apop (opens with click or key)
    • Bugs/Issues
      • High
      • Medium
      • Low
    • Team Priorities
      • J6
        • Converting 13 Lords of Chaos Maps
        • Starting with the Invasion of Swordhaven
      • Warlic
        • Character Creation (at a blocking point.. Spam protection issues. Use same system as AQ3D.)
          • Need UI for Character Creation (Diogon)
        • Meet with Artix on Quest Flow - 11am Tues
        • Meet with Artix to document conversion process
        • Add Cinematics table to the Database (work with Tunik on this so it works with the dialogger)
      • Spider
        • Finished Animation Tools (Animation sizes reduced by 50%)
          • Ready to test - 2pm EST
        • Writing a batch conversion script for the hair converter tool
        • Then Combat
          • Finish Class
          • Node System
      • Ghost
        • Working on AQWorlds release
        • Finish class animations for Spider
      • Tunik
        • Switching to Dev APOP 
        • Return to APOP graphics
        • APOP Quest screen
      • Diogon
        • UI Party & guilds
        • Character Creation Screens
        • Apply Character & Server select Screen
      • Reens & Butter
        • A walk through of quest system 
      • Capt Rhubarb
        • Working on other projects until admin assistance is needed
      • Zhoom
      • Artix


2023.06.19.("The Plan")

  • J6
    • Converting Maps to Infinity.
    • 167 maps started (some need the arrows taken out of them still)
    • Process
      • Create layers
      • Export parts as PNGs
      • Sometimes additional things need extracted.
      • May need to stretch art for parallax
      • Import into Unity and create prefab
      • Add blockers, spawn pads, and transfer pads
  • Warlic
    • Cutscenes working! 
    • We now have an animatable "Mr. Guy" we can put into scenes which will be the hero. (A sling as the bone structure is the same, the parts are copies without bones and function in the cutscene.)
    • Localizable (language translation) versions of dialog cutscene bubbles just added to the game.
  • Yorumi
    • Working on Guilds UI 
    • Moving code to its own Guilds file for the UI-- should be pushed later today or early tomorrow. 
    • Features include
      • Display Guild Members (Server, Rank)
      • Message of the Day
      • Promote
      • Kick
      • Invite
  • Spider
    • Finished extra changes for Monster Animation Exporter
    • When you import the file it creates the folders and exports the anim files and controller
    • Sprites are correctly blackened (back arms/egs etc)
    • When you drag it into the project is creates the appropriate prefab with monster name and puts it in the right folder
    • Monster asset exporter should be completely finished!
    • Up next: Mass Hair Conversion, then Combat
  • Tunik
    • Scroll bars in apops are hidden automatically
    • NPC buttons are culled from view when opening apops
    • Changed how speech bubble height works in apops
    • Added a DEV button in the mini-menu for spawning an apop with all of the chat commands. It only shows up if the user has a high enough access level.
    • Fixed a bug with NPC button layering when opening the character screen
    • Fixed placement of the done button. (It usually worked but Twilly's apop would cause it to show up twice.)


2023.06.26.("Quest Week")

  • Warlic
    • Dev Mode Tools!
      • Show map names, ids, and pad IDs
      • Map instance, name, ID
      • Visual polygon colliders for devs
    • Apop art is no longer built into characters-- new invisible placeholders which do not take texture space are now on all NPCs.
    • Loader Fixes
      • Instances now refresh properly
    • Quest Tracker now shows correct story (Was getting the right quest, but a later update call was sending different quest information.) 
    • The quest tracker is now killed completely upon quest complete which solves things hanging around that should not be. 
  • Yorumi
    • Guilds are now displaying
      • Need to show guild name under player name
      • Guild menu allows invite, kick, demote
    • Added feedback to clear command
    • Next up
      • If you are not in a guild, your character panel should say that you are not in a guild and give you the option to create one (if applicable)
      • Retest /guildinvite and guild message of the day
      • Working on parties to display
  • Tunik
    • APOPs
      • Everything is encased in windows now with a border
      • Headers are now part of the window instead of the apop list
      • Quest detail screen now lines up perfectly with the center apop list.
      • Fixed bug that always spawned a right list even if nothing is in the list...
      • Leads on the text bubbles fixed
      • Name plates are now longer and can expand. They were shorter in the mockup and made it hard to have long subtitles.
      • "Smart spacing" the top list border will change based on what the first item in the list is.
      • Removed screened darkening for most windows
      • Finished APOP Quest Screen
      • Sellback in shops was showing even when you were in the buy tab... fixed that.
    • Slider graphics for Music and SoundFX volume
    • Resolutions drop down in options menu fixed
    • Next Steps
      • Quests
        • When quests are opened, hide panel underneath - this should be true for any secondary interface (ie. shops, classes, etc)
        • Quest list should change its name to represent that those quests belong to the quest giver (i.e. Despair's Quests)
        • Remove All/Story/Adventure tabs from this view
        • Add Decline Button next to accept (should be in gray)
        • When you press the close X or decline button, the quest interface goes away and the previous APOP becomes visible
      • Quest UI
        • Making the gold line at the bottom of quests thinner
        • Add (X) to the apops
        • Change "Items Required" to "Quest Objects" and list the quest objectives from the database
      • Other check on leads
      • Adding toggle for "apop nlocker" which would allow us to make apops that did not disable background interface, chat, or being able to click and move around
  • Spider
    • Converted ALL of the hairs -- have not imported them to unity yet
      • There are 555 hair items
      • 400+ hairs have issues (especially morph hairs)-- (Artix's note: When Warlic learned that old hair could be morphs he almost started crying. So many complicated weird things with old AQW files, lol!) 
      • Hairs are like armors, separated by gender... but it would be nice to make all hairs available to everyone. Hair linkage would have to become the index for the hair. For backwards compatibility, we're going to keep things structured like the existing game, and add a new category for neutral hairs so that all future hairs (and any old ones converted) can be equipped by all characters. 
    • Next up
      • Republish the hairs and check for bad masks-- fix masks manually with the masking tool
      • Combat!
  • Quest System Update
    • Implementing Talk Objective - Warlic
    • Kill Count Objectives Broken (was a quest tracker bug - fixed!)
    • Being able to hand in quests fr4om anywhere... 
    • Cap quests so that quest objective count does not exceed max


Until next week...

Battle on!


P.S. In addition to the daily morning workouts, I have been doing martial arts at night. But do not worry-- it is extremely unlikely that Elon Musk or Mark Zuckerberg will let cage fight with them :-(

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