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Last Day of May

Artix Krieger | Tuesday, May 31, 2022

AdventureQuest Worlds: Unity

A new version of AQWorlds for Mobile, PC, & Mac

It is the final day of May, and.... while I think being mad at a month is as silly as being mad at a year (Bad 2019, 2020, & 2021... Bad!)-- I am sure glad this cursed month is finally over. We still have a team member in the Hospital, but the dozens of other issues have been correctly addressed and resolved. I am writing to you from my home today today because the lab is currently in "safety lock-down" due to a team member contracting Covid last week. Meanwhile, 2 of my children are running fevers. Part of me actually believes this was part of May's grand finale.

There is something you may hear me say a lot. That... when you are on the path to making something great, life throws you great "challenges" that you must overcome to prove you are worthy. Have you experienced this in your personal life? These challenges do not need to have anything to do with your goals. They can be anything. whenever you are making big progress towards your dreams and goals -- "Surprise!"-- here comes the life challenge test! When these do happen, no matter how big or difficult... we must overcome them and keep going. These moments truly define us. Our ability to handle whatever life throws at us and then get right back to achieving your dreams and goals.  "Life is 10% what happens to you... and 90% what you do about it."

That line of thinking has helped me a lot over the last 20 years. I do not know who needs to hear, it, but I hope it is useful to you.

Game Progress Update

Meanwhile, AdventureQuest Worlds: Unity has been doing great... the team working on it has been largely unaffected by everything else and has been making good progress. Here is your weekly update

  • Inventory
    • Lag Spike with opening inventory fix at 50% fixed
    • The delay on opening inventory has been removed. It now opens first, then loads things.
    • However, if you switch tabs before everything is loaded it breaks the list. (Fix in progress)
  • Chat Fix
  • Quest Tracking
    • Warlic added the track quest button to quests. It stays popped up while you are fighting and exploring until you click on it go to the quest log and say to untrack it.
    • Added Story Table to database
    • If you go to a map with a storyline, it will track your story. On Warlic's branch of the game, ff you go to the Lair, it will tell you there is a storyline.
    • The quest tracker is currently on top of everything. Need to make it auto hide.
      All of Galanoth's quest are now linked to a story called "Galanoth's Story".. Need to add a counter to find out how many quess out of max you have completed. And also, because we do weekly updates, we need to add a "To be continued" option at the end of a Story-- so you can be at 100% of the current story and also know that more is coming (and maybe when).
  • NPC Pop ups delays fixed (aka APOPs)
    • Fixed memory leak. Unity Web requests for images are not caught by garbage collection. So Tunik is now deleting the object in memory to clean it up first.
    • Now shows you everything when it pops up.
    • Also fixed the loading screen for APOPs.
    • Sped up fade in/out time.
    • Need to add a loading spinner if the load time takes too long.
    • Unity no longer shows warning if you mess with the APOP's parents. (This is how you make a Batman X_X Why do they never learn).
    • APOPs will stop the player from walking when you open them now (So they do not walk off the map when you talk to someone.
  • Combat
    • Healer's aura is fixed
      • The heal numbers need to be attached on the special "popup" attach point, not their feet (where the registration point is) though.
        Wait... now the heal is now a perma buff. New bug discovered-- or is it a feature? O_o Wait, haha, the heal is subtracting 5 health each time. It is slowly killing Zhoom on our live stream. Might only be on the client, the server shows his health as being correct. If you did not know, I write these notes in real time on Wednesday morning during the team meeting as each member of the team presents what they completed. I do not include a lot of the trivial stuff. But I love silly moments like this. Where something seemed like it was working perfectly. Then, as time goes on... things slowly and strangely go wrong. It will be fixed by the time you are actually reading this.
    • Server was not enforcing respawn time checks. Yorumi added a time check.
    • Combat desync issues when players ended combat were fixed.
    • Mana sync issue (from last week) has been fixed. Values now instantly update and look correct all the time. ALL THE TIME O_O.
      When you click an attack button, it now looks whichever way your player is facing and will attempt to attack the first target it sees. If there is no target in front of you, you will turn around and target the first one behind you.
      Targeting yourself now correctly shows your portrait in the targeting window.

Next Big Goals

  • Steam Setup (Artix)
  • Loader Spinner & Cancel on APOPs (Tunik)
  • Inventory lag fix (Tunik & Zhoom)
  • APOP UI should be formatted like the inventory (Tunik & Artix)
  • Quest UI Tweaks (Tunik)
  • Quest Tracker (Fixes and Features)
  • Mob Despawn issue (Yorumi)
  • Level & Stat Curve (Yorumi)

P.S. As I was writing this Warlic just posted that the Quest/Storyline Tracking feature has been merged.

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