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AQWorlds: Infinity Teaser Trailer!

Artix Krieger | Wednesday, March 8, 2023

Official trailer drop!

"You can watch it for.... Infinity"

Watch the AdventureQuest Worlds: Infinity Teaser Trailer on Youtube.

Wishlist on Steam

Wishlist AdventureQuest Worlds: Infinity on Steam

PAX East w/ ADventureQuest Worlds: Infinity

See us at PAX: East

Come see AdventureQuest Worlds: Infinity at the PAX: East convention this month. Full details inside.

Update Notes!

As usual, here is a full copy/pasta of the team's meeting notes....


  • Trailer Drop
    • Gaming sites including IGN (  ) dropped our trailer this morning. Exciting 😀
  • AQWorlds will be at the PAX:East convention at the end of this month!
  • Tunik
    • Yorumi added stats last week, and they are now in the interface
    • Un-did the bug that caused everyone to use the mobile hud
    • Safe area now pushes UI elements like the skill buttons so they are not in that area. 
    • A bug where window targets in the safe area were being deleted has been fixed
    • Font size in the chat used to match the web game, but the new font made it thicker. Fixed.
    • New inventory graphics from Diogon added
    • Scrolling occlusion implemented. If you have 1,000 items in your inventory for example, it will only render what you can see. This is a huge performance boost to inventory scrolling.
    • Bug fix: Scrolling occlusion was being impacted by map scale
    • New shop window. 
    • Moving on to work on Loot Next (Because changes to inventory will also impact loot)
  • Warlic
    • Confiner collider fixes for the maps implemented. The confiner colliders were snapping themselves to the size of the artwork. But the content devs wanted to be able to define it manually. This gives more control on scrolling screens with parallax.
    • Worked with Spider on improving Armor Exporter tools. These tools will allow armors and classes to be converted into sprites with masks for import into AQWorlds: Infinity. There was some crazy inconsistent stuff going on with old AQWorlds armors. A lot of matrix transform math required to fix. There are still a few things that need to be tweaked. The goal is to reduce the amount of manual intervention required. 
    • Added the ability to Build and Upload NPCs and Monsters directly from the characters project. The only project missing this now is the Items project.
    • Taught Artix how to use the character project and Armor Exporter Tools.
  • Yorumi
    • RestartServer command once again working
    • Fixed a server desync issue. Showing armors on other players is once again working. 
    • If you click on a non-hostile NPC it will not open the attack menu any more.
    • When targeting other players it will now show their correct health and mana
    • Seems like the bug where certain skills caused you to lose your target has been fixed. Needs more testing
    • Fixed dev commands
    • Currently working on the reload map flow. 
    • Also working on the /goto positioning issue. 
  • Spider
    • Testing the Node System today
    • Goal for PAX is all four starter classes and a new experimental "AQW:Infinity only class" to show off at the convention. This new class will show off the new features of the node system. These are things that are not possible in the web version of AQWorlds. 
    • Ghost is working on the animations
  • J6
    • Created new (non-text version) logo
    • Widened the first frame of the Town of Battleon 3X (for scrolling)
    • Sent in leaves particles
  • Artix
    • Continuing to work on the Town of Battleon (Adding NPCs and updating blockers and APOPs)
    • Warlic spent a lot of time teaching me the maps project, characters project, and armor exporter tools. 
    • Convention coordination, insurance, and booth materials
  • Notes, Bugs, & Upcoming Stuff
    • Diogon is working on a new title screen. 
    • UI polish pass with Tunik and Artix
    • Need to republish the armors for the base classes. 
    • Still need to make the frame that monsters are being spawned to visible in the admin tools (important)
    • Character running animation 
    • Still need....
      • Art for in game maps
      • New App Icon for mobile
      • Update Steam Page
      • Update Website



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