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Artix Krieger | Thursday, May 19, 2022

AdventureQuest Worlds: Unity's weekly update #11

So, if you login into the current AdventureQuest Worlds account manager ( https://www.AQ.com ) it will tell you if your account will be compatible with AdventureQuest Worlds: Unity for Mobile & Steam.

Where's mah teef?

202X!? LOL

While we having been grinding away at this non-stop to achieve some sort of a release this year, however Captain Rhubarb put "Coming 202X" in the account manager. Which has erupted into no end of jokes & memes. The funniest of which is your great grandchildren will be there for the launch of this game. We REALLY need to make one of our upcoming tests make everyone who logs into the game have white hair and a beard. On that note, thank you to Astral Guardian, Vlad, Juco, and everyone who sent some screenshots from the existing game for today's post!

We are still pushing hard for "some sort" of release in October. Alpha? Beta?

Weekly Update

Get a nice bowl of fiber and turn up your hearing aids... it is time for this week's progress report.

  • Quest System
    • When you finish a quest it can automatically accept the next quest
    • Turn in text missing (To tell you where to go)
    • Teleport to Quest Giver feature being added (Or to a specific screen and spawn point)
    • If you are a quest,  but are in a different map, it will now teleport you back to the map that the quest is from.
    • Just open up your quest log and choose return to Quest Giver
    • Text on the turn in button changes on your quest status
  • Shop
    • Bug with purchasing items. If your space was full nothing would happen. Now it tells you if you are out of space, or if you already own a unique item. Stackable items are fine.
    • Buy & Sell tab switching bug fixed
    • Added an occlusion system to shop so it only renders the items you are looking at
    • Optimized code... a lot. Initial load of inventory/shop has a small delay. Fixing that should be the last one.
  • Dialogger (The Cutscene system)
    • API security key added for load and save to database functions
    • Login panel now added
    • Also, you can save that info on your local machine
    • If you spawn a window
    • Tunik started on the new UI for the dialogger. Saw a screenshot of it... it is getting there!
    • Still fighting through some layering problems because we are working in 2 canvases (picture in picture)
    • Properties window and right click needs set up... but mostly functional.
  • Combat
    • Mana (MP) sync issue. Sometimes the packet that is being sent to sync your MP is not being processed. Yorumi is going through the system to figure out why.
    • Inventory
    • Inventory pull on server only pulls normal items, not bank yet. The bank will only be pulled on demand. Doing this allows the main inventory to be
    • larger and not slow down on initial load.
  • UI
    • Mobile Joystick
    • Bug fixed where it no longer appears while in an APOP
    • Adding a function to remove ALL hud windows at the same time. If for whatever reason you need to close all the windows at once, we can now do that XD
  • Outstanding needs & bugs
    • /GOTO
    • Res player
    • Add Mobile/PC ui toggle in the options
    • Stop movement on interaction
    • UI Clean up
    • New Icons from Diagon for the top of the screen
    • Bald breaks the game (minor bug)
    • Monster fade out when they die
    • Monster Intro
    • Monster has Intro (number of intro animations)
    • s Immune during Intro (time in milliseconds)
    • If monster is already in combat do not show intro animation
    • Monsters still using old movement code... need to be updated to treat walls the same as players.

Dragon's Lair Review

So, I played through the current version of the Dragon's Lair. The first thing that hit me was....  when you entered the zone, nothing told you that there was a major new story quest in that area. In AdventureQuest 3D, when you walk into a new area with a story it has a little quest bubble that appears in the upper right to let you know there is a new story available. We have been doing this for a long while and it works nice. So we will be adding that feature. The first quest will almost always be to find and talk to the area's main NPC and start the adventure. Also while playing in the Dragon's lair, everything worked... but the flow with the NPCs & quests was a little disjointed. Working on that now... which makes this the start of highly anticipated polish pass. At this point, the parts are technically working. The flow just needs to be smooth and fun. The team is fixing all of the existing bugs now. Next week I will be working on UI stuff with Tunik.

Top 3 Big Goals

  1. Fix Combat Issues
  2. UI Polish Pass
  3. Dialog Cutscenes (The Dialoger)

Thank you!

I am really grateful for the opportunity to take AdventureQuest Worlds to mobile devices and steam. This is an awesome project. Sure, it is a huge and scary project.... but this is the type of challenge that really gets you motivated.

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